Our inline water filtration systems dramatically improve the taste of your water by removing contaminants and chlorine.

Our filtration systems are connected to the mains and provide an endless supply of chilled, refreshing water.

Installation, servicing and filter replacements are all incorporated in the rental price.

Available in cook and cold or hot and cold, our water filtration systems will cater for all of your needs.

Our systems utilise a two phase filter process to remove sediment, bacteria and contaminants from your water source.

We proudly service northern Victoria and southern New South Wales

For bulk or multisite requirements - please call or contact us for a customised quote.

Please call us on 02 6056 5760 for more information about our products and services.

Additional Information

Our plumbed in water filtration systems are connected to the main water supply and offer unlimited water at a fixed cost. The units are compact and the filters ensure that sediment, bacteria and contaminants are removed from the water. We have both free standing and benchtop water filtration units available. Filters and bracket included.