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Water Bubblers

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Heavy-Duty Mains-Connected Drinking Fountains

The Blizzard Series is a sleek mains-connected water fountain with a heavy duty build. The tank is made from industrial grade stainless steel ensuring that the fountain will effortlessly meet demand. The smart self-regulating control fitted also overcomes varying mains pressure.

Key features:

  • 30 litres per hour cooling capacity
  • Stainless steel reservoir
  • Front panel removes for ease of servicing
  • Simple filter changes for filtered units
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler


The Blizzard Series is designed with an easily removable front panel that gives instant access to all components and controls. Hassle-free filter changes and services can be undertaken without disconnecting the plumbing.

Our twin stage filter system removes sediment, bacteria and other contaminants from your water source. The result is great tasting chilled water that can be enjoyed by staff and clients.