Frequently asked questions

How much is annual rental for a water cooler?

New Kiewa Valley customers will receive 12 months cooler rental for $99.00 + 3 free 15L bottles (offer includes all cooler types). Water cooler rental will be $99.00 ongoing.

Our coolers are of the highest quality and servicing is free of charge during the rental period.

How often do you deliver water and what services would you provide?

Our drivers will visit you on a fortnightly basis, ensuring that you have adequate supply of spring water and also guaranteeing that your cooler service is maintained and monitored during the rental period. We are also available on call for any sales or maintenance requests. During winter delivery may drop to monthly.

Are there any additives or preservatives added to the water?

The crystal clear natural spring water of Kiewa Valley is 100 percent pure with no preservatives or additives and with regular independent laboratory analysis the Kiewa Valley team ensures every bottle is of the highest quality natural spring water.

Where is Kiewa Valley Spring Water sourced?

The source of Kiewa Valley Spring Water is located at the original Big Springs Station, 80-kilometres North of Albury/Wodonga in the Flakney Ranges. The waters of Big Springs are absorbed by the granite soils and run through underground ducts that are naturally filtered through the sand and gravels; generating the fresh pure water that is Kiewa Valley Natural Spring Water.

Do the 15-litre or 11-litre bottles contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)?

Kiewa Valley follows strict bottling procedures to ensure BPA is not traced in our bottles. The Kiewa Valley team also sends products to government analysers to ensure BPA is not traced in any of our products.

Does your spring water contain fluoride?

Yes. Kiewa Valley Natural Spring Water contains only naturally occurring fluoride. Our fluoride levels are 1 part fluoride per million parts water (1.0 ppm). The level of fluoride in our water is attributed to significant dental benefits.
(see - Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Public Health Service report on fluoride benefits and risks. JAMA 1991; 266(8):1061–1067)

Why should I drink Kiewa Valley Spring Water?

There are a number of reasons our customers drink our spring water. For many customers it is an OH&S requirement to provide drinking water to their staff. It ensures staff members are well hydrated and productive in the workplace. Other customers simply like the taste of the water and drink our water for the associated health benefits. The better the taste, the more water you are likely to consume. Families often have our water at home so their children have an alternative to soft drinks and sugary beverages.

How much does a water filtration system cost?

For just $45 a month (+ GST) you can have a filtered water cooler installed at your premises. A fixed cost solution for drinking water works well for our clients; no matter how much you drink, the price doesn’t increase.

What filters are used in your water filtration systems?

The filtration systems we use include a fine sediment filter and a carbon filter. The filters remove chlorine, contaminants and unwanted organic material, providing pure water with a neutral taste.

Is a plumber required to install a water filtration system?

Yes. After a quick inspection a suitable time will be organised for installation. Installation usually takes around an hour and will be conducted by a Kiewa Valley specialist and an authorised plumber.

Why not bottled spring water?

Kiewa Valley provides both bottled spring water coolers and water filtration coolers. For a number of our customers, spring water is the best option as it is a natural product, easily installed and is often more affordable. For customers that require significant quantities of water and do not want to handle spring water bottles, our filtered water coolers offer a great solution.