Spring Water For Home

Do you want your household to enjoy uninterrupted access to refreshing, premium quality spring water in northern Victoria? With Kiewa Valley Spring Water, it’s as simple as submitting a quick and easy online form.

We supply northeast Victorian and southern NSW homes with natural spring water singularly sourced from the Flakney Ranges, bottled at Big Springs Stations near Wagga Wagga and delivered right to your doorstep with quick turnaround and affordable prices.

Our water is unprocessed, with zero additives and preservatives. It’s naturally filtered by the sand and gravel of the waterbed where it’s sourced from, and already contains the ideal mineral composition. We simply bottle it in 100% recyclable and BPA-free materials and dispatch it to our thousands of satisfied clients across northern Victoria.

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Northeast Victoria and Southern NSW home water cooler and dispenser solutions

Equip your home with a quality-made water cooler and all the accompanying accessories, with Kiewa Valley Spring Water. Our friendly, qualified and experienced professionals will come to your property at a date/time that best suits your household, and install your new water cooler for you.

Our home water coolers can be purchased outright or hired on a short- or long-term basis with full warranty. Whenever you need more 15L bottles of natural spring water, simply submit our online form to order more water and we’ll dispatch it immediately.

Why get spring water delivered to your home in Northeast Victoria or Southern NSW?

Did you know that of every country in the world, Australia ranks in the top 10 consumers of soft drinks per capita? It’s estimated that we drink more than a billion litres of sugary drinks every year, including cola, energy drinks, cordials and fruit drinks.

By giving your household an easy way to consume more water on a day-to-day basis, you can drastically cut down on your family’s soft drink consumption and increase productivity levels. Just a two per cent reduction in hydration levels can have a massive impact on brain function and productivity output, so having iced natural spring water in the home may help to keep hydrated and productive throughout the day.

Get in touch with Kiewa Valley Spring Water today

Our team is here to assist with any queries you have about our spring water delivery and water cooler solutions for your home in northern Victoria. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call 1800 180 045 or email [email protected].