Contemporary Benchtop Water Cooler (+ 3 free 15L bottles) - Annual Hire

$132.00 $191.50

Normally $154 per annum, plus receive 3 FREE 15L Bottles, save $59.50

Regular hire is including installation and maintenance for $154.00 p/a ongoing.

Our water coolers are renowned for providing great tasting pure drinking water in a way that is hassle free and effortless.

Available in both cool and cold, or hot and cold allows you to enjoy a cold refreshing drink on a hot day, or soak up the warmth from your cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.

Maintenance includes free servicing, and in the event of a malfunction or break down, we will have a new unit delivered and installed by a Kiewa Valley Spring Water delivery man with no charge to you.

For bulk or multisite requirements - please call or contact us for a customised quote.

Alternatively you may purchase the unit outright, with a 1 year warranty.

GST included.

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