Premium Quality Natural Spring Water for Your Home or Office in Benalla

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At Kiewa Valley Spring Water, our mission is to provide the highest quality water cooler systems and natural spring water to homes and businesses across Benalla. Our natural spring water is sourced directly from the nearby Flakney Ranges, where the sand and gravel act as a natural filter, eliminating the need for additional additives or preservatives.

Our plant is located in southern NSW, north of Albury/Wodonga, where we process and bottle the water before delivering it ourselves to our valued customers. To ensure that we meet the highest standards of quality, each product is carefully monitored throughout its production process.

If you’re searching for a consistent option to quench the thirst of your staff, patients or loved ones, then Kiewa Valley Spring Water has everything you need. Our natural spring water in Benalla is pure and refreshingly clean; supplying a healthy and hydrating drink all year long.

We provide the perfect solution for any workplace or home with our selection of bottled water cartage services and accessible filtration systems. So whether it be an office break room that requires a reliable and efficient cooler or dispenser, or if you’d like to add filtered water to your home’s plumbing - we can provide the ideal answer.

Not only is this helpful for everyone’s health, but it will also make sure that visitors, customers and family alike remain content with their drinking experience. At Kiewa Valley Spring Water, we supply only the best quality products from our natural spring water source in Benalla; delivering an effortless solution for all your hydration needs.

Benalla’s leading supplier of water cooler dispensers and natural spring water

Kiewa Valley Spring Water boasts an abundance of minerals and nutrients, no additives or preservatives, plus it comes in 100% recyclable and BPA-free packaging; this is an assurance to customers that they are receiving a safe and quality product. Customers based in the Benalla area can easily order a refill of 15L natural spring water online with just a few clicks.

We also offer freestanding or benchtop water coolers for hire on either a long or short-term contract, as well as the option to purchase these products along with any additional accessories. Our prices are always transparent so there won't be any nasty surprises; this is something you can count on when relying on our 25+ years of experience in providing Benalla residents with top-notch bottled water cartage and water cooler supply needs.

Furthermore, Kiewa Valley Spring Water goes the extra mile to ensure you get your money's worth by delivering only the best products available without hidden fees or unexpected costs.

If you choose to hire equipment from us, everything comes with a full warranty and routine maintenance; be it our office water coolers, water bubblers, water filters or dispensers and accessories.

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