Get Natural Spring Water Delivered to Your Home or Office in Bonegilla

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Are you seeking effortless access to invigorating, clear and fresh natural spring water whenever you feel like it? Or maybe you’re more interested in having boiling water instantly accessible, for those hectic workdays when there’s no time to waste and you have to quickly make a hot cup of tea or espresso between conferences.

Our team is here to provide all that! As your premier provider of spring water and water coolers, we take care of the whole procedure – from the installation of a benchtop or freestanding cooler at your location, right up to sending 15L bottled water right to your doorstep any time you need it. We are also qualified specialists when it comes to connecting filtration systems to your existing plumbing system so that you can get pure drinking water out of the tap.

All in all, we offer reliable and convenient service along with high-quality products, ensuring that you enjoy hygienic and pure water when quenching your thirst.

The clean and refreshing taste of Kiewa Valley Spring Water is derived from its natural source in the picturesque foothills of the Flakney Ranges. Here, the naturally filtered spring water is collected from the riverbed, without any need for additional preservatives or additives

Water cooler and spring water delivery solutions for your break room, waiting area or home kitchen in Bonegilla

By ensuring that your team remains hydrated and productive at all times, you can provide easy access to top quality chilled water throughout the working day. This is also beneficial for family members who no longer have to go out of their way to find cold refreshment; they simply reach for the cooler when they get home from school, or take some with them on their way to the gym.

Our water cooler dispensers provide a range of short and long-term hire options, as well as purchase opportunities so that you can own one forever. Our pricing is always transparent and upfront so there are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises; furthermore, we don't require customers to enter into any uncomfortable contractual arrangements. We believe in giving our customers complete peace of mind when it comes to purchasing one of our products – and that is something that we are proud of!

Why us?

  • Over 20 years’ industry experience
  • Huge network of satisfied clients who continue to use our service
  • Wide range of dispenser options to choose from, including freestanding and benchtop water coolers, water bubblers, water filters, and all the accessories like racks, cups and stands
  • Our dedicated staff ensures quality natural spring water delivery to your door, anywhere in Bonegilla

Contact Kiewa Valley Spring Water

Speak to us about your natural spring water supply needs in Bonegilla today. Our friendly and professional team is available on 1800 180 045 during regular business hours, or via [email protected].