Get Pure, Crisp & Clean Natural Spring Water Delivered to Your Home or Office in Corryong

We're thrilled to announce that the people of Corryong can now get their hands on the highest quality natural spring water in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible. Plus, we offer a variety of water cooler dispensers and other items that you can rent or purchase outright to make staying hydrated even easier.

Our spring water is sourced exclusively from the foothills of the Flakney Ranges, where sand and gravel work together to create a natural filtration system. This ensures that our water is free from any artificial preservatives or additives. We're proud to produce a mineral-rich and nutrient-packed water that comes straight from the source.

Once we've carefully bottled our natural spring water, we deliver it directly to homes and businesses located in Corryong and throughout Northeast Victoria and Southern NSW. We take pride in every step of the process, from sourcing the water to getting it to your doorstep.

Rest assured knowing that your family, staff and/or customers are drinking the best quality natural spring water in Corryong

Whether you're lounging at home or powering through a busy workday, staying hydrated is key to feeling your best. That's why we offer a range of top-notch water coolers and accessories to keep you refreshed and energised.

With our selection of coolers, bubblers, filters, dispensers and more, you can easily provide your employees or guests with access to chilled or hot water whenever they need it. Whether you're running a bustling office, managing a construction site, or running a restaurant, we've got you covered.

Our water solutions are the perfect addition to any space that sees a steady stream of thirsty people. So why settle for plain old tap water when you can upgrade to our premium options? Trust us, your taste buds (and your body) will thank you.

Corryong spring water cartage made simple, with Kiewa Valley Spring Water 

At Kiewa Valley Spring Water, we're all about providing top-notch water cartage services to the Corryong community and beyond. As a family-run business with over two decades of experience, we know a thing or two about keeping folks hydrated and happy.

And when it comes to getting your hands on a quality water cooler and all the necessary accessories, we've got you covered. With just a few clicks on our website, you can order your cooler, and our team will handle the delivery and installation hassle-free. We're also committed to making sure your water supply stays topped up at all times - with our online form, you can quickly and easily request a refill for your bottled water supply whenever you need it.

And finally, we're dedicated to doing our part for the planet. Our bottling plant operates on renewable energy sources, and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA-free. So you can feel good knowing that you're doing your part for the environment too, all while enjoying the highest quality water products around.

Contact Corryong’s #1 water cartage and water cooler supplier

Whether you prefer to chat over the phone or connect via email, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here for you. Don't hesitate to give us a call during regular business hours at 1800 180 045, or email [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.